Indie Classic Cave Story Coming to Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Hailed by many as a “quintessential indie game,” Cave Story is being ported to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. A small team led by Andrew DeRosier is working on the project, and according to their GitHub page, they are making great progress.


@Dantemendes broke the story on Twitter with a short tweet and some gameplay.


Cave Story was originally released in 2004 for PC and was created by solo developer Daisuke ‘Pixel’ Amaya. The title is revered as one of the all-time greats in the Metroidvania genre, slowly gaining a following as more players heard about it. Cave Story has received near-universal praise from critics, many marveling at how a single person created the game. Since the original release, Cave Story has been ported to many other devices, including the Nintendo Switch.

With the simplistic graphics, Cave Story seems like a perfect candidate for a Megadrive/Genesis port. I’ve seen many projects like this never cross the finish line, as they are usually labors of love with no financial backing. That said, this version of Cave Story is already playable. The GitHub page states that the story is finished, and only bug fixes remain. The game is also downloadable and works on console and emulator.

Cave Story is a superb Metroidvania with a creative setting, and it’s surprisingly long, too. If you’re a fan of games like Super MetroidGuacamelee, and Hollow Knight, you’ll find a lot to love with this game. Don’t be put off by the simple graphics; this is a real treat.

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