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How to play DOOM on Android

Last Updated on May 5, 2024

Almost any Android phone, tablet, or TV can play DOOM. Here’s how to do it.

Playing DOOM on Android might seem like something that shouldn’t work, but it does. After all, the 1993 classic from id Software has been proven to work on anything from a fridge to a Lego brick. Why shouldn’t it work on Android?

Whether you have an Android phone, a tablet, or an Android TV, you can get DOOM running on it. In fact, installing and running DOOM on Android is incredibly easy, you can do it in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

The easy way to play DOOM on Android

I bet you didn’t know that there is a version of DOOM for Android, did you?

This is a polished, system-optimized version of DOOM that looks and feels even better than the original. You can play it with touchscreen controls, or with a Bluetooth game controller (or even mouse and keyboard) connected to your device.

The downside of the official DOOM for Android is that it costs £4.79. Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative.

Freedoom: the free way to play DOOM on Android

Because id Software released the source code for the original DOOM in 2012, the game is available for anyone to download and compile. Happily, someone already did that for you on Android, and the result is Freedoom, which you can install for free on Google Play.

Freedoom has some difference to the original DOOM, namely different level maps. Happily, you can copy DOOM WAD files (you’ll find them on the original floppies or CD-ROM re-releases) into Freedoom and play like it’s 1993.

Freedoom’s shortcomings

As nice as it is to get DOOM on Android for free, Freedoom isn’t without its issues. Since 2019 it has not been in active development, which means you might be better off with the official version or at least the slightly cheaper Delta Touch version, which includes seven DOOM engines and a simple user interface.

Play DOOM on Android this weekend!

If you were looking for a weekend project, you just found it. Installing DOOM on Android is simple. The big question is: will you be able to stick to just the original game, or will you start exploring the massive directory of fan-created DOOM WADs?

We can help you with that, too: head to Doomworld to find the best DOOM WADs.

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