Return to Castle Wolfenstein

How to Get Doom 64, Wolfenstein, Quake, & Other Boomer Shooters For $10

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

You can also get 2001’s superb sequel Return to Castle Wolfenstein in this Fanatical bundle.

A bunch of awesome FPS games (known to the young and hip as “boomer shooters“) are currently available to grab on Fanatical. The list of 19 titles can be bought for a massive discount, in bundles of 3, 5, or 8.

(Yes, we noticed that you can’t easily buy them all for less than £25.)

Better still, the collection includes a huge amount of bona fide fragging classics! We’re talking DOOM 64, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, and one of my personal favourites of the genre, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Me and Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Way back in 2001 I had just built my first PC, and had a job where I was earning enough money to live on my own. One of the first things I bought (after a GPU) was the sequel to Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D and other games on Fanatical

Years of exposure to Indiana Jones movies and my dad’s Dennis Wheatley books, not to mention bonkers conspiracy theory discussion shows at 1am, lead me straight to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. As “occult-worshipping Nazi superweapon” games go, it’s a fantastic experience and one of the best FPS games of the era.

(Nice choice of weapons too.)

Fanatical bundle details

The bundle lets you grab 3 titles for £4.99, 5 for £6.99, or 8 for £9.99, with a similar price point in USB (e.g., 8 games for $10). Here’s a list of the games you can get in the Fanatical shooter bundle:

  • Amid Evil
  • Anomalous
  • Chop Goblins
  • DOOM 64
  • Dusk
  • Golden Light
  • Hard Reset Redux and Pathologic Classic HD
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
  • Quake
  • Rage
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  • Splatter: Zombiepocalypse Now
  • Super Buff HD
  • The Citadel
  • The Hong Kong Massacre
  • Viscerafest
  • Wolfenstein 3D
  • Ziggurat
  • Zombie Army Trilogy

What is Fanatical?

Formerly known as “Bundle Stars”, Fanatical is your one-stop shop for digital games, ebooks & more! Score deals on 9,800+ titles, from indie gems to AAA blockbusters. Trusted by 200 countries & 71,000+ happy gamers, Fanatical delivers official keys & top-notch service. Dive in & discover your next adventure!

Speaking as a personal user of Fanatical bundle deals in the past, I can recommend it as a great way to get working, legal game keys (usually for Steam, but not always) for a minimal price.

Head to Fanatical now to select Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and some other games in your $10 shooter bundle. This offer won’t last for long!

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