Hewson's Helpline for the ZX Spectrum

Hewson’s Helpline for the ZX Spectrum Kickstarter

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

Hewson’s Helpline is a book of classic magazine columns from Sinclair User and has hit its Kickstarter goal with 28 days still to go.

Hewson's Helpline for the ZX Spectrum type-ins book

It was another age. Before software was easily available to buy in high street shops, magazines included what we call type-in programmes within their pages. These might have been games, occasionally applications, and often coding tricks and tips to solve problems, often prompted by reader correspondence.

Arguably the biggest name in coding tips was Andrew Hewson, who contributed to every issue of Sinclair User magazine over its 11 year run (1982-1993). You probably know that name, as Andrew Hewson formed Hewson Consultants and published various games on the 8-bit platforms, including Uridium, Cybernoid, and Exolon.

Hewson’s Helpline for the ZX Spectrum is a new Kickstarter that has already surpassed its £8000 goal. The book is a curated collection of Hewson’s ZX Spectrum coding tips & tricks from Sinclair User, with edits to avoid duplication (which naturally occurred over the magazine’s lifespan).

The Kickstarter is by Andrew and his son Rob Hewson (Huey Games, ex-Game Director at TT Fusion) and features a number of bundles ranging £14 to £80.

Should you back this Kickstarter?

Anyone interested by the prospect of coding tips and tricks for the ZX Spectrum computer and the ZX80 and ZX81 is probably already considering this book. Many of the coding tricks (we might call them hacks these days) have been forgotten, lost to tricky to find PDFs or magazine collections on eBay. For them to all be available in a compiled volume like this represents a rare opportunity.

If you have interest in developing for 8-bit computer systems, Andrew Hewson’s book is definitely worth getting hold of, and what better time than to get in early and back this Kickstarter?

(Spectrum fans might also be interested in the Horace Collection Kickstarter.)

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