Grind FPS for Amiga

Grind: the Amiga DOOM Clone You’ve Been Waiting For

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

This looks amazing. Grind, created with the Dread engine, is a first person shooter for the Amiga. You’re probably thinking “Amiga 1200” but this game will also run on the Amiga 500.

30 years ago a game like this would have broken every sales record going on the Amiga. While we’ve had FPS games on the platform – think Gloom, and Alien Breed 3D – few have been able to provide the action in a full window with smooth scrolling.

Grind, on the other hand, does exactly that. And it looks magnificent.

(Above is the Amiga 1200 version; the Amiga 500 version runs at a slower 12FPS.)

Developed by the (ever-growing) team at PixelGlass, Grind is described thus:

Pickup your time machine and travel back, dive into an alternative universe where Doom was never released for PCs in 1993, but several years earlier on the humble Amiga 500! Grind is a new fps game powered by the amazing Dread engine: a mindblowing achievement which showcases what was really possible with Amiga’s original hardware!

Grind promises:

  • Smooth frame rate with fullscreen display on vanilla a500!
  • Custom, high quality pixel art and assets.
  • Fast paced gameplay!
  • Story driven level progression!
  • A dark and foreboding Steampunk/Lovecraftian world to explore!

Getting hold of this game is a little tricky. At present, only demos are available, accessible through the Grind Patreon scheme the developers are using. A full game is planned for release, with digital download a certainty and a boxed option an achievable dream. Meanwhile, the Dread game engine is also expected to be released, almost certainly for free.

Would you make this your first boxed Amiga game purchase in decades? I know I would.


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