Would You Keep a GKDmini In Your Pocket?

Last Updated on May 29, 2024

Sneaking out from Chinese manufacturer LaoZhang, the GKDmini is a portrait handheld released as a follow up to 2019’s a GKD 350h.

A pocket device that has a specification to run SNES, PS1 and arcade titles, the GKDmini is currently demonstrated as a 3D printed unit, illustrated in comparison with its predecessor (CREDIT: Obscure Handhelds).

You’ll notice dual microSD card slots and a USB-C port. We understand the GKDmini features four shoulder buttons – these are presumably mounted on the reverse. The D-pad is accompanied by four game buttons and four function buttons, and a four-LED array above the screen displays the current battery status.

  • 3.5″ LCD Display (320 x 240)
  • 1.5GHZ Ingenic X1830 Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2000 MAH Battery
  • LED battery indicators

Fancy one? The GKDmini should start hitting Chinese stores before the end of 2020, so keep an eye on retailers like AliExpress and Wish. You’re looking at around £90/$60.

(Via RetroDodo)

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