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Genius Sonority vs. Game Freak: Which Studio Made the Best Pokemon Games?

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

Classic Pokemon games are well-regarded, but who made the best and most memorable titles in the series?

Nostalgia is higher than was the reality of the sales for the GameCube’s Pokemon RPGs. They proffered an advance in the ability to display Pokemon battles in 3D and with an excellent story mode, which many enjoyed, but some fans were uncomfortable with how it strayed from the traditional Pokemon model.

Genius Sonority, who was the studio that developed Colosseum, Gale of Darkness, and Battle Revolution, moved away their focus from home consoles after Battle Revolution’s mixed success. In their day, handheld gaming was far more inferior to console gaming – at least graphically.

With Game Freak’s bias and expertise leaning itself in the direction of handhelds (Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance), their engagement with Pokemon’s biggest titles since the late 90s signals the direction which the company has taken… away from handhelds.

It may be that Game Freak couldn’t produce a decent console style-game. But also, with the passing of more than a decade, does Genius Sonority still possess the creative staff and skills needed to make a console-style Pokemon game either?

Ultimately the question has been asked… Aside from HD graphics, what could they bring to the table? And would it be worth risking their successful formula?

Nonetheless, fans remain hopeful.

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