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Game Boy Advance GBA HDMI Kit Kickstarter Is Consolizer Alternative

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

What if you could turn your old Game Boy Advance into a game console, complete with HDMI? The GBA HDMI Kit intends to make this a possibility, and while it may not suit all retro fans, it’s really quite ingenious.

Easy to assemble, portable, and with Bluetooth support for many popular game pads (e.g. Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Switch PRO, Xbox One Bluetooth version), the GBA HDMI Kit converts a standard Game Boy Advance into a living room console that is easy to plug into a TV.

The kit features a case, and two PCBs. One of these is a special adapter board for converting the GBA into a console, while the second custom PCB turns your Game Boy Advance into a controller.

Assembly is straightforward. The GBA HDMI Kit is opened and the GBA’s own motherboard is inserted, where it is connected to the GBA HDMI Kit’s PCB. The case is then secured with screws. Meanwhile, a new PCB is inserted into the Game Boy Advance where its own PCB once sat. This is then connected to the necessary cables, then secured in place.

To play games, simply connect the GBA HDMI Kit to the TV over HDMI, insert the game cartridge, and connect the controller.

The basic (single) kit is around $110 (listed at HK$ 860) although you can of course simply back the project with no reward if you prefer. Other kits multiply the contents, so unless you have multiple GBAs you wish to convert, the single kit should suit.

At the time of writing, this project has raised £17,070 of the £39,529 goal. Head to Kickstarter to back the GBA HDMI Kit.

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