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Some Genius Built a Fingernail-Sized Game Boy Clone, Arduboy Nano

Last Updated on May 29, 2024

Hot on the heels of the Arduboy FX comes this: the Arduboy Nano, an insanely tiny handheld that is almost impossible to play.

Measuring 26mm in height (that’s less than an inch) the Arduboy Nano is available purely in kit form, as a PCB, for $5-$10.

WIth a 64×32 pixel OLED display that measures just under half an inch (0.49″), this pointless wonder has the same ATmega 32u4 microcontroller as the Arduboy. Also the same are the pinouts, other than the display using i2c. Games for the Arduboy are code compatible with this tiny offspring, which is powered by a minute 25mAh lithium polymer battery, boasting over an hour of play time. For sound, there’s a 15mm piezo speaker, which is as loud as you might expect.

Circuit diagrams and assembly help can be found on the Arduboy forum, along with STL files for the 3D printed case and a bill of materials for building your own Arduboy Nano.

Obviously you won’t really be able to play anything on it, but hey, it’s a Game Boy clone the size of a 10p piece, so who cares about playability?!

(Arduboy Forum)

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