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Frustrating Flappy Bird Clone Flangry Bird Released for C64

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

Remember the highly frustrating Flappy Bird game for mobile in the mid 2010s? You know the one – after a few goes you were ready to throw your phone into the nearest canal.

Well, inexplicably, a clone has been released for the C64. Flangry Bird 101 has been released by Phaze101 and features much the same gameplay. It’s a simple concept – you guide the bird around some pipes or other obstacle, and a collision ends the game.

It’s not easy, but it can be done. In the case of Flangry Bird, the successful player gets to replay the level with increased speed. There is a high risk of frustration here, but as long as you’re not prone to losing your rag, you should manage not to break anything (the same cannot be said for me…).

Some criticism has been levelled at Flangry Bird, with one observer noting that the background doesn’t move, thus limiting the sensation of motion. It’s fair to say that a C64 can handle parallax scrolling, so perhaps this is a feature that can be added later.

Should you wish to risk your C64 or emulation device, you can find Flangry Bird 101 at itch.io.

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