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Final Fantasy 7 1997 vs 2024 Versions Compared

Last Updated on June 16, 2023

Want to see how much different the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will appear in comparison the PlayStation original?

Seeing the evolution of some of the most iconic long-running video game series can really remind us of how series have changed so significantly between its initial title and newest or upcoming game. Final Fantasy is certainly one of those series.

A TikTok creator, discovered by GamesRadar, known as @huntevs or @huntevs5 on Twitter has put together a comparison post featuring the PlayStation 1 original Final Fantasy 7 (1997) and footage from last week’s trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (upcoming in 2024 for PS5). It detailed shots of Cloud in the Chocobo Farm and some action-packed scenes with Elena and Tifa.

In case you’re somehow unaware, Final Fantasy 7 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix and released for the Sony PlayStation in 1997. Considered one of the greatest and most influential role-playing games of all time, it follows a mercenary named Cloud Strife who joins an eco-terrorist group to stop a powerful corporation from draining the life energy of the planet. The game has since had several spin-offs, remakes, and adaptations across various media, including the upcoming Rebirth.

As shown by the video Rebirth will stay true to some of the plot elements of the original game, so it’s great that Final Fantasy fans will see this game reimagined and from a fresh new perspective. Of course, with remakes and adaptations of games come some changes to plot and gameplay. We will have to wait and see what further similarities and differences this new titles will bring.

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