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Fanmade Street Fighter Title In Development For The Amstrad CPC 128K

The Street Fighter series has always been near and dear to me, so I’m thrilled to see a fanmade version being made for the Amstrad CPC 128k.

Amstrad GGP has uploaded a stylish trailer of their game, Mighty Street Fighter, to YouTube. Honestly, it’s worth watching for the footage from Van Damme’s Bloodsport they added, and it shows off a very unique take on the famous fighting game series.

Amstrad GGP has gone with a chibi art style for the fighters. If you’ve ever played Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, it’s reminiscent of that. Eight playable characters are available, and all of their iconic moves seem to be intact. Dhalsim has his stretchy limbs and Yoga Fire projectile, Chun Li has her Lightning Kick, and Ryu and Ken have their Hadoukens and Dragon Punches.

There’s only so much you can glean from a trailer, but what’s on display so far is very impressive. Even iconic music from Street Fighter II has been remade, and it seems this project is starting to make significant strides toward the finish line.

Might Street Fighter is scheduled for release sometime in 2023.

The trailer was uploaded to YouTube on April 1st, so it’s wise to approach it with some skepticism. However, Amstrad GGP has posted beta gameplay for Mighty Street Fighter in the past. The footage is a little older, but you can watch an entire match between Ryu and Ken here

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