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Excited About the Analogue 3D N64 FPGA-Based Console? [Poll]

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

The Analogue 3D is coming, giving you a new place to insert your Nintendo 64 cartridges…

Analogue has already released slick FPGA-based updates of the Game Boy and the NES/SNES. But the Analogue 3D is undoubtedly its biggest project yet.

And, to be honest, you would expect them to pull it off.

Sporting four original style controller ports and no emulation, the Analague 3D relies on Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. This is essentially a recreation of the original hardware on a modern processor (it’s more complicated than that) and is far more reliable than emulation. Under the hood, it runs the Analogue OS (which is due for an update to v2.0 later in 2023).

With 2.4GHz wireless networking and Bluetooth, the console does not support ROMs. Instead, it plays original N64 cartridges, and any more recent physical releases for the platform.

Along with original display modes, with specific CRT and PVMs cited, the Analogue 3D is expected to output at a maximum 4K resolution, indicating considerable upscaling. Finally, it promises 100% compatibility in the Nintendo 64’s key regions: USA, EU (inc. UK), and Japan.

The project sounds amazing, and will launch in the coming weeks. The question is, of course: are you excited about this, or are you excited about this?

Will You Buy the Analogue 3D N64 FPGA-Based Console?

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