Everything you need to know about RetroGamerBase

The story of RetroGamerBase goes back to 2017, and the creation of a Facebook page, Retro Gaming World. Launched just before the retro gaming revival got going, the page quickly built a following.

Editor Christian Cawley had been looking for a new website idea after moving on from (and selling) a TV show fansite. As a fan of retro gaming, the page had really been set up for him to keep tabs on interesting links.

It became apparent that a whole website could potentially be built around the idea. So in 2020, Gaming Retro UK was launched, and the Facebook page renamed to match. Since that time, various writers have contributed to the site’s collection of reviews, lists, features, and guides.

What do we publish on RetroGamerBase?

The main purpose of RetroGamerBase is to provide reviews, retro gaming user guides, and thoughts and opinions about retro gaming. Our regular team consists of:

  • Christian Cawley, Editor in Chief
  • Anthony Yates, writer
  • John Bowe, writer

In addition, Bhav Soor, Will Llewellyn, and others contribute occasionally.

Where can you follow RetroGamerBase?

You can follow RetroGamerBase on social media:

We also have a discussion forum on Discord, and you can subscribe to our newsletter below.

We’re also actively expanding our team of writers, so check our sign up page for more information.

Editor Christian Cawley has written for various major tech websites over the past 20 years. You can learn more about him on LinkedIn, or view a curated collection of his articles on Authory.com/christiancawley.