Evercade VS

Evercade VS TATE Mode Available With New Update

Bonus games and Evercade VS TATE Mode are unlocked with the latest update.

Confirmed for release on the Evercade now is a collection of system updates for the VS and EXP consoles that add not only QoL features but also secret games, Game of the Month, and the much-demanded TATE mode for the Evercade VS.

While the Evercade EXP was released with a TATE mode switch, the feature has been absent from the VS, but hinted at earlier this year. The handheld form factor of the Evercade EXP clearly makes TATE mode more logical, but given the flexibility of HDTV mounts, having TATE mode on the “home console” member of the Evercade family makes sense.

After all, those cartridges run on any Evercade system.

What is TATE mode?

TATE mode (pronounced tah-tay) is a Japanese word that means “vertical”. In the context of video games, it refers to a mode in which the game screen is displayed vertically, rather than horizontally. This was a common feature of arcade games in the 1980s and 1990s, especially shoot-’em-ups, as it allowed for a taller play area.

TATE mode is less common on home consoles, but can be found in titles such as the Mario Party series. It is also supported by some retro game consoles, such as the Evercade EXP. This allows players to play classic arcade games in their original vertical format by rotating the device.

TATE mode can offer several advantages for certain types of games. For example, shoot-’em-ups often have a large number of enemies and projectiles on screen at the same time. TATE mode can make it easier for players to track all elements, as they are spread over a taller area. It can also be more immersive for some players.

Overall, TATE mode is a niche feature, but it can offer a unique and enjoyable experience for certain types of games.

Get the TATE mode update on Evercade VS

To get this update on the Evercade VS:

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select System > Check for updates
  3. Wait while the v3.1.1 patch is installed

A new patch, 3.1.4 is available for the EXP. (Note that for the classic Evercade Handheld, no updates have been released since the final “sunset” patch. This can be downloaded and flashed over USB.)

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