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Evercade VS Secret Games and Easter Eggs Revealed!

Last Updated on November 9, 2023

You’ve heard about those Evercade VS secret games, but what are they and how can you find them? Let’s take a look at hidden features and Easter eggs in the Evercade VS.

It has been known for some time now that the Evercade VS includes a few interesting extras. Along with the Secret and Credits screens, the device also gives you an extra game when two cartridges are used – but only in the right combination.

Evercade VS hidden games

Perhaps the most interesting and arguably most important secret of the Evercade VS is its list of hidden games. These are activated by pairing up certain cartridges, say one with 6 games, another with 8, to get not 14 titles, but 15. But what cartridge combinations unlock hidden games on Evercade VS?

  • Inserting the Atari Collection 1 plus Atari Collection 2 unlocks Atari 7800 title Dark Chambers.
  • Insert the Atari Lynx Collection 1 with Atari Lynx Collection 2 to enable Lynx game Raid on Tricity: Second Wave.
  • The Piko Interactive Collection 1 plus Piko Interactive Collection 2 combine to unlock Game Boy title Pyramids of Ra.
  • Combining Piko Collection 1 with Gaelco Arcade Collection 1 adds Twin Brats to your Evercade VS.
  • Gaelco Arcade 1 and Indie Heroes Collection 1 inserted together gives you Arkade Rush (a Nintendo Entertainment System game).
  • Intellivision Collection 1 and Intellivision Collection 2 unlocks a 2020 homebrew title, Zombie Madness.
  • Inserting TheC64 Collection 1 plus TheC64 Collection 2 will give you an additional game, the Marvel Madness clone Gyroscope.
  • Use both Toaplan Arcade Collection 1 and Toaplan Arcade Collection 2 to unlock the Sega Genesis port of Twin Hawk (the arcade original is included on Toaplan Arcade Collection 2).

Meanwhile, if you insert two copies of the same cart, you’ll see a special message.

Evercade VS

Hidden games without cartridges

Incredibly, some Evercade VS secret games are available without cartridges. They’re included in the firmware, which means that you can just boot up with no cartridges inserted, and play the hidden games.

Start by updating to the latest firmware (2.1.0 or later). Do this in Settings > System > Check for updates. This will take a while to download and install, so be patient.

When the console restarts, tap the square Menu button on the controller 10 times. This will launch Fairy Fire – Defender of the Fairies, a 2020 PC game distributed on Steam. It’s basically a fairy-themed Defender clone, but plenty of fun.

For the other game, return to the Evercade VS home screen and hit L2 x 2, R2 x 2, L1 x 2, R1 x 2. This button combination unlocks Hummingz, an insect-themed up-screen shooter, which is considerably more fun than it sounds.

Using the secret code screen

In the Evercade VS’s Settings screen is a Secret option. In this view, you can enter codes. For example:


…will let you access two extra games, Kubo 1 and Kubo 2. Note that the password must be entered each time, the games don’t stay activated.

Unlock Evercade VS games using the controller

Several unlocks can be found in the Evercade VS using the controller buttons. Think of how you might enter a cheat code on a SNES.

  • To unlock the SEGA Master System game Gotris, hold L2+R2+Select.
  • For NES game NNNNNN (multiplayer clone of Gravitron) hold L1+R1+Up.
  • For NES game Spacey McRacey, hold L1+R1+Down.

The Evercade VS Founder Edition credits

Finally, backers of the Evercade VS Founder Edition are listed in the Credits screen. A credit on the device was one of the rewards for early orders for the Founder Edition, and you’ll find all the names there, including ours: GRUK.

Of more interest to those who didn’t back the Founder Edition, keep scrolling even when the screen turns black, where you will find your “reward” – a URL to enjoy one of the greatest internet phenomenons of all time. This is also said to work on the latest Evercade handheld firmware.

It would seem likely that many other secret games and Easter eggs for the Evercade VS will turn up as time passes. We’ll aim to keep this page updated with all new developments.

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