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Evercade EXP Delayed, Now Expected December 15th

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Bad news if you have been expecting an Evercade EXP to land in November. Blaze Entertainment has made the decision to push back release of the console, with December 15th targeted.

Citing the need “to spend a bit more time on the Evercade EXP to hone some of the technical features and abilities of the console,” a few extra weeks have been added to the EXP’s original release date. With this new date, the device should be available in time for Christmas if you have pre-ordered. In fact, if it lands promptly, you might even be able to play it for a few days before wrapping it up again…

Apologising for the delay, Blaze note that pre-order retailers should have updated customers by now. It also highlights that the Evercade EXP Limited Edition (the black version) is also postponed until the same date.

Naturally, this news will come as a disappointment. Blaze Entertainment has, however, succeeded in launching three products in the middle of a lockdown, parts shortage, and global downturn, to critical acclaim. Missing out on the intended November release for the Evercade EXP is not ideal, but with just a few weeks added and a stated aim to deliver in time for Christmas 2022, the delay is clearly for the best.

Sure, the EXP has built in CAPCOM titles and TATE mode, but it’s not like there are no other Evercades to play on in the meantime, is it?

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