Evercade 2024 release roadmap

Evercade 2024 release roadmap hints at new devices

Last Updated on March 27, 2024

Blaze Entertainment has issued a roadmap for Evercade 2024 releases, which curious hints at not one, but FOUR new hardware devices.

So far, three main Evercade lines have been produced: the original Evercade handheld, the Evercade VS home console, and the Evercade EXP handheld.

In addition, two pocket-sized Hyper Mega Tech-branded Super Pocket handhelds (one Capcom, one Taito) were issued in 2023. They’re both essentially the same device, so to date, only four distinct models have been released by Evercade.

Speculation is unsurprisingly rife. Are these separate devices, or variations on the Super Pocket? Perhaps an Atari version, or a Sega device? On the other hand, could new Evercade hardware be a new wireless controller?

Or is the truth simpler? Is there a new Evercade console in development?

An email going out today highlights how “there’s been a lot of behind the scenes in getting bigger and bigger licenses” so you can draw your own conclusions on that. However, given the Duke Nukem edition of the VS and the success of the Super Pockets, we’re leaning towards new hardware variations, rather than a totally new Evercade.

Then again, with four new hardware releases set for later this year, perhaps the new Evercades in 2024 will cover all of the above suggestions!

We’ll bring you more news on this as it becomes available.

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