Driving Strikers Dreamcast edition

Driving Strikers Dreamcast Now Available To Preorder

Last Updated on January 15, 2024

A four-player ‘car football’ game is about to get a physical release on the Dreamcast. Driving Strikers is the latest title from developers, Reality Jump. The game boasts online multiplayer and, most impressively, cross-platform play between Dreamcast, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Publisher Wave Game Studios has a fantastic write-up for Driving Strikers on their website, including preorder options for physical and digital releases. On top of the online multiplayer, Driving Strikers boasts several Stadium and Car designs, AI opponents, and Jump Pack support.

The Jump Pack is an addon for the original Dreamcast controller that simulates impacts and collisions. Controllers that vibrate are commonplace nowadays, but interestingly, Dreamcast was the last console to have this technology as removable hardware.

It’s hard not to compare Driving Strikers to Psyonix’s phenomenally successful Rocket League, but that’s not a bad thing. Rocket League has garnered so much praise over the years for a reason. It’s a simple multiplayer premise with leagues of depth for those willing to explore it. If the Driving Strikers Dreamcast edition lets me experience a similar gameplay loop with all the comforts of Dreamcast hardware, sign me up!

If you love the idea and aesthetics as much as I do and are without a Dreamcast, don’t despair. Driving Strikers is also getting a digital release on Steam. You can add the title to your wishlist on the store. If you want to try the game before release, Reality Jump has a playable demo link on their website.

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