Piko Interactive Collection 3 Evercade cartridge

Don’t Miss Menkind’s Evercade Cartridge Offer!

Last Updated on June 13, 2023

Choose one Evercade cartridge then choose another and pay just £30 on Menkind’s website right now, a great way to expand your library and save money.

If you’re an Evercade newby or a seasoned collector of the curated cartridges, you won’t want to miss this deal. Individually priced at £17.50 (pretty close to the RRP), these cartridges are being bundled for £30, essentially saving you a fiver.

On offer are some of the latest titles (e.g. the Team17 Collection 1) and some of the oldest (e.g. the Piko Collection 1), which you can mix-and-match into your perfect pairing. These 12 collections consist of at least five games o each, so you’re considering at least 60 games here, a total that is probably closer to double that amount.

  • Piko Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Piko Collection 2 Cartridge
  • Technos Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Jaleco Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Toaplan Arcade 2 Cartridge
  • The C64 Collection 2 Cartridge
  • Data East Arcade 1 Cartridge
  • Atari Arcade Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Worms Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Gremlin Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Team17 Collection 1 Cartridge
  • Piko Collection 3 Cartridge

As you can see, that is a superb group of Evercade cartridge collections that can really kickstart your retro gaming.

Check the details and grab the offer on Menkind’s Evercade page.

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