Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Dreamcast Mini

Last Updated on August 23, 2023

It was only a few years ago when we saw multiple “mini” consoles flood the market. These units came preinstalled with various games and HDMI functionality so users could play on their shiny new TVs. These devices offered an affordable avenue to enjoy classic retro games.

According to YouTuber Adam Koralik, a Dreamcast Mini was discussed at one point, but we will unlikely ever see one. Here’s why.

It seems Sega couldn’t get the Dreamcast Mini into an acceptable state without a hefty price tag. This is a big problem, given the precedent set by other similar devices, including Sega’s Megadrive/Genesis Mini. According to Koralik, the price would need to be around $300 (£237) to reach an acceptable quality bar for Sega. For much less, you could buy a genuine pre-owned Dreamcast and HDMI converter cables. Koralik has a history with Sega and says that a cheaper alternative could be achievable with PC Ports of the Dreamcast titles. The issue is that fans don’t like those, and when the console is trying to target a nostalgic crowd, that simply won’t do.

I hate to take the corporate angle, as I’d love to own a Mini Dreamcast, but I get where Sega is coming from. Dreamcast enjoyers are a loud bunch (before you grab your pitchforks, I’m one of them!), but are there enough to justify a mini console at a premium price? My heart says yes, but let’s be real. The Dreamcast’s legacy pales compared to the PlayStation, SNES, and Genesis/Megadrive.

Koralik ends the video by explaining it’s a catch-22 situation. Sega either releases a great but expensive product or a sub-par but cheap one. Neither of those are attractive options. Adam Koralik gives a superb, in-depth take on Mini consoles on his YouTube channel. If you’re interested in the history of these units, it’s well worth a watch.

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