Do You have Balls of Steel? 90s Pinball Classic Returns!

Do You have Balls of Steel? 90s Pinball Classic Returns!

Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Get ready to relive the electrifying thrill of classic pinball with the triumphant return of Balls of Steel! This legendary 1990s title is being brought back to life by Atari on Steam, and is available to buy now.

That’s right: the gravedigger has been put on overtime and the mad professor on the hill asked to repair his lightning-powered machine. Another Atari classic has been re-animated!

Steel yourself for nostalgia and new thrills

Whether you mastered every ramp and bumper back in the day or are discovering the magic of pinball for the first time, Balls of Steel delivers an experience that’s equal parts nostalgia and adrenaline. While the game boasts a sleek modern look and performance upgrades, it stays true to its golden-era roots with classic visuals and sound effects.

The tables are set for an all-star lineup

Balls of Steel isn’t just a trip down memory lane; it’s a seven-table extravaganza! Along with all the beloved original tables, like the alien-infested Darkside, the dragon-guarded Barbarian, and the bomb-blasting Firestorm, this re-release introduces two brand-new creations from Atari:

  • Centipede: Blast through waves of those pixelated pests in this faithful recreation of the iconic arcade classic.
  • Missile Command: Defend your city from a barrage of intercontinental missiles and rogue satellites in this pulse-pounding table.

A legacy forged in steel (balls)

Originally unveiled at E3 1997, Balls of Steel took the video game pinball world by storm. It injected grit, attitude, and style into a genre known for its cheerful bells and whistles. Critics hailed it as “the best PC pinball game ever,” praising its immersive gameplay and “guaranteed sleepless nights.” No wonder the game became a global phenomenon, etching its name as one of the most fun and compelling pinball experiences of its era.

Ready to steel your nerves and unleash your inner pinball champion? Balls of Steel is available now on Steam for Windows PC for just £7.49 ($8.99). Grab your keyboard and mouse (or gamepad) and prepare to rack up some serious scores!

However: initial reviews are not great. You might need to await some updates, or make some tweaks to the control mechanism before the game pulls you back in.

Bonus ball: Head over to the official Balls of Steel website for more information, trailers, and screenshots.

Let the steel ball fly!

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