Dive into Pixel Power! Support the Glusiverse Kickstarter Now!

Dive into Pixel Power! Support the Glusiverse Kickstarter Now!

Last Updated on January 21, 2024

Calling all retro enthusiasts and platforming fiends! The adorable Glusiverse, a charming beat ’em up reminiscent of classic 8-bit machines like the SG1000 and MSX, is hopping onto Kickstarted thanks to Trusiga!

This delightful adventure, already set for an early 2024 release on Itch.io, needs your support to reach its full potential.

Embark on an adorable quest: Join GlusiGlusi, our pixelated hero, on a heart-warming journey to save its beloved master. Master your stretchy tongue powers and overcome quirky enemies to reach your noble goal. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure packed with pixelated goodness!

Supercharge the fun with Kickstarter: The Glusiverse Kickstarter smashed its initial target in under 24 hours, unlocking awesome rewards for backers! Pledge €5 or more and grab a digital copy of the game on Itch.io, a behind-the-scenes documentary, or even a retail version of the game in a nostalgic cartridge shape. Every contribution unlocks exciting extras that take your Glusiverse experience to the next level!

Don’t miss out on pixelated mayhem: Dive into the charming world of Glusiverse and become part of this exciting project. With its unique visuals, endearing characters, and challenging gameplay, Glusiverse promises to be a retro treat for gamers of all ages. Pledge today and help bring this pixelated dream to life!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Adorable 8-bit inspired beat ’em up action
  • Captivating story of GlusiGlusi’s heroic quest
  • Fun and challenging gameplay with stretchy tongue powers
  • Nostalgic visuals reminiscent of classic 8-bit machines
  • Exciting Kickstarter rewards, from digital copies to physical goodies

So, grab your pixelated controller, rally your retro spirit, and join the Glusiverse adventure! Head over to the Kickstarter campaign now and become part of this charming gaming journey. You can also check out the digital version on itch.io.

Let’s pixelate the world with Glusiverse!

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