DaemonClaw Kickstarter Aims for Sega Mega Drive, Neo Geo, and Steam Releases

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

We’ve recently reported on several titles in development for retro consoles, like Chords for the Genesis/Megadrive, proving the homebrew scene is alive and well. The next game to join those ranks is DaemonClaw by small studio BitBeamCannon, which is already off to a promising start.

DaemonClaw is a 2D side-scrolling adventure. There’s not much footage to go on, but the gameplay looks like a solid brawler with unique magic attacks instead of traditional weapons like guns.

The DaemonClaw trailer is available as an unlisted video on BitBeamCannon’s official YouTube channel.

What you can expect from DaemonClaw

The comments unanimously praise DaemonClaws‘ graphics and style, although some users mention that the sound needs improving. It seems the developers are open to feedback and are openly chatting in the comments section, which is a rarity. Any game that lets you Dragon Punch your way to victory scores easy points in my book! Besides that, the art style is bright and colorful, and the combat looks smooth.

There are no concrete dates at this early stage in development, but DaemonClaw should have a Kickstarter Campaign in October. The campaign was announced by Neofid Studios on Twitter, who are collaborating with BitBeamCannon to develop the title.

Amiga version of DaemonClaw?

Early discussion of this project hinted at an Amiga release for DaemonClaw. As you’ll note from the Kickstarter itself and the details above, there is nothing mentioned about this. Happily, BitBeamCannon were happy to respond when we reached out on Twitter:

Amazing news – DaemonClaw for AGA Amigas is still planned!

Head to the DaemonClaw Kickstarter to back the project.

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