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Commodore Jam Generation #1 Announced

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Italian faithkeepers at Commodore, Inc. have announced the first Commodore Jam Generation on Set to kick off on April 30th, 2022 and close on November 30th, 2022, the event is intended for games for the VIC20, C64, and Amiga computers.

No mention of the Commodore 16 or the Plus/4 for that matter.

Unlike a recent game jam, “unofficial ports of famous IP will not be accepted.”

Judging the game jam is M. Calamai, develop of games such the Amiga title 3D World Tennis by Simulmondo. Also announced as a judge is respected game music composer Allister Brimble.

Here’s how the Commodore Jam Generation was announced:

Hello! This is a call for commodorians devoted to classic Commodore platforms: Vic 20, C64 and Amiga are all allowed to make a game and partecipate to win a Commodore product (Android Tablet).
Any game genre is allowed, but unofficial ports of famous IP will not be accepted.
The IP owneship will be retained by the creator. One target of this jam is to find out an interesting IP that could be ported to other platforms: in that case we would be happy to discuss an agreement with the IP creator.

This is also a call for artists: we would like to see your pixelart made on the above platforms, as well as music composed in classic format like MOD or SID. Pixelarts and music can be standalone or linked to a game.

All contributors can vote and some special judge will be part of the jury as well: musicians and programmer from classic c64 and Amiga background!

The first judge to join us is M. Calamai, maker of Amiga games such 3D World Tennis by Simulmondo, Fightin’ Spirit ( and Black Viper!

The second special judge expecially for music is Allister Brimble, the legendary music composer!

Amiga, Vic 20 and C64 must be submitted in digital format to be tested on emulators.

Vic 20 and C64 can be developed in any language or by use of any middleware. The same apply for Amiga although the use of Scorpion Engine is much recommended and appreciated.

The submitted games can explore any kind of gameplay, but direct unofficial ports of famous IP will not be accepted: if you want to deal with the port of a known game, you should make a clone and not use the original name nor any original asset.

Music and pixelarts can be submitted in any playable format, with info about the tool used. Classic MOD format for Amiga or SID for c64 are appreciated.

Prizes for the competition are a little vague at this point. The first place prize for the Game category is an Android Tablet C-Tab 64, from, uh, Commodore Inc. The second place prize may be a Spriter Pro license for Windows, but this and the first and second place prizes for Music and Pixel Art are yet to be decided.

Learn more on the Commodore Jam Generation page at

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