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Codemasters Collection 1 Announced on Evercade

Last Updated on January 29, 2021

Evercade has confirmed the release of the Codemasters Collection 1 cartridge for its handheld retro gaming system. Boasting a mix of  17 classic titles, the cart is notable for its inclusion of key Amiga games, notably Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, and Mega-Lo-Mania, all by Sensible Software.

The collection of titles on the cartridge all hail from the 16-bit era. Codemasters Collection 1 is being hailed as a must-buy for Amiga fans, and is likely to prove to be one of the most popular releases for the stylish Evercade console.

Also on the cart is the popular Super Skidmarks from Acid Software along with an unreleased title, Tennis All-Stars. The full list of games:

  1. Sensible Soccer – International Edition
  2. Cannon Fodder
  3. Big Nose Freaks Out
  4. Tennis All-Stars
  5. Mega-Lo-Mania
  6. Big Nose the Caveman
  7. Cosmic Spacehead
  8. Psycho Pinball
  9. Bee 52
  10. MiG 29 – Soviet Fighter
  11. The Ultimate Stuntman
  12. Super Skidmarks
  13. Boomerang Kid
  14. Linus Spacehead
  15. CJ’s Elephant Antics
  16. F-16 Renegade
  17. Stunt Buggie

The Codemasters Collection 1 cartridge will be available from all the usual retailers.

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