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Last Updated on June 1, 2024

The passing of British computing legend Sir Clive Sinclair has been widely felt among retro gamers, especially those who there first time around and took their inspiration from the little rubber keyed ZX Spectrum.

A reaction to the news is the Sinclair Book of Remembrance (SBOR), which aims “to create a unique digital monument” of shared Sinclair memories. All you need to do to contribute to the project is send an email and the contents will be added to the site.

Sinclair Book of Remembrance project is dedicated to the memory of Sir Clive Sinclair who sadly passed away 16th September 2021.

Moved as I was, SBOR has been a personal labour of love, to do something in honour of “Uncle Clive”. It is not a business project. It’s completely free and non-monetised.

The objective is to create a unique digital monument, composed of our shared Sinclair memories encoded together so that the final product represents each and every one of us.

(Note: for those thinking this is an NFT thing – it is definitely not!)

It is an opportunity for each of us to share a memory and, together, create a unique dedication to Sir Clive.

I am asking that each of us contribute a Sinclair memory, by simply sending email with your story (with up to 4 image attachments). Sending your email to will trigger the system to automatically create an entry to the SBOR site. (For example: You will receive a reply containing the link to your contribution, which I would urge you to share far and wide!

At a pre-determined date, say the 1-year anniversary of Sir Clive’s passing, all of the entries will be combined and encoded into a single unique value.

This will be unique in the universe and will represent all of our combined memories of what Sinclair meant to us and something we can all share.

If you feel you would like to pay tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair, head to to leave your thanks in the Sinclair Book of Remembrance.

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