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ClassiCube Is Minecraft for Dreamcast

Last Updated on February 19, 2024

Minecraft for Dreamcast might seem like a fever dream, some insane, unlikely thing. While the official Minecraft will probably never be available on Dreamcast, the open source ClassiCube certainly is…

Minecraft is, of course, a gaming phenomenon. First launched in 2009 as a blocky world with infinite potential, its primitive charm and open-ended gameplay slowly built and inspired a passionate community. While to many it seemed to lack polish, with constant updates and mods, Minecraft evolved from a niche indie title to a global phenomenon, so such an extent that the game is now owned by Microsoft.

This version for Dreamcast doesn’t have that shortcoming, of course.

While still in alpha testing, early footage of this Minecraft clone on Dreamcast is encouraging. It requires a homebrew-enabled console, and is capable of accessing servers. As Minecraft is best played online, this is particularly encouraging. Reports from the developer’s forum indicate that of the two connectivity options for the Dreamcast, the Dreamcast broadband adapter is more reliable than the Raspberry Pi-powered DreamPi.

This guide shows you how to get ClassiCube online with your homebrew-enabled Dreamcast:

You can download the Dreamcast CDI file of ClassiCube from the project’s website.

(The Dreamcast Junkyard)

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