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Cancelled Sonic X-treme Screenshots Shared by SEGA

Last Updated on August 10, 2023

The Sonic series, like many other game series out there, has seen its share of trials and tribulations. In some case, games get cancelled altogether which can only make us curious as to what happened, why the game was cancelled and what it would have ended up if it was released to the world.

Sonic X-treme was one of those games and it was set for release of Christmas 1996, except a multitude of reasons meant that it didn’t quite reach its publishing stage. Not only was it a difficult time for SEGA already with the struggle to market the SEGA Saturn, but the development process of the game was all over the place. The game’s development was moved between hardware, poor productivity between SEGA of Japan and America and developer Chris Senn falling severely ill.

Despite this whole ordeal, SEGA Forever have tweeted official screenshots of Sonic X-treme on Twitter in all its 3D platforming glory.

This was not the only Sonic game that was cancelled around this time. Sonic Saturn was the second Sonic title to be released for the SEGA Saturn, but that too met its own end. To think that Sonic X-treme would have been the very first completely 3D Sonic title is certainly bizarre to think about and it’s always interesting to see the thought process behind development.

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