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C64 OS v1.0 Now Available to Order

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

A few months ago we told you about C64 OS, a mouse-driven desktop operating system for the Commodore 64.

No, it’s a real thing, and it is now out of beta, meaningthat C64 OS v1.0 is now available for you to order. The OS ships on an SD card in one of two bundles. The cheapest option is a Starter bundle that features:

  • 16 MB System Card with 2 partitions, suitable for introductory use
  • 42-page full-color printed User’s Guide
  • Pre-installed copy of C64 OS v1.0 for use with SD2IEC
  • An installation archive and install tools for other storage media
  • A high-quality vinyl 2″ by 1″ C64 OS promotional sticker
  • An OpCoders Inc. Business Card
  • Supply of the Starter Bundle is limited.

The Standard bundle, meanwhile, offers more features on a 64MB card. The minimum system requirements of C64 OS are:

  • A Commodore 64 computer
  • A Joystick
  • An SD2IEC drive

Along with the features mentioned in our earlier report, the first full release of C64 OS has been given an update facility, allowing future updates to be applied:

For the 1.0 beta release, and eventually for the 1.0 final releaase, I put together one last major component. It is an Application and a Utility pair that work together to allow C64 OS updates to be created and installed, giving C64 OS v1.0 the ability to be updated to 1.01. And that in turn can include updates to the update system, allowing for an unlimited degree of boot strapping into newer and better functionality.

The result is an incredible desktop experience for the C64 that even users of GEOS would never have imagined is possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about C64 OS, it’s worth subscribing to the C64 OS Official Channel on YouTube for more vidoes like the one above. Meanwhile, you can order a copy of the C64 OS in various bundles, stating at 59CAD (which is around £35.)


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