C64 Mini Grows into Full Sized Computer: The C64

Last Updated on December 18, 2023

Following the triumphant release of the C64 Mini in 2018, the little 8-bit revival has grown up!

A full-sized C64 has been released by RetroGames, under license from Cloanto. Featuring C64 and VIC20 modes, The C64 also includes the carousel game selector mode prominent in the C64 Mini and 64 preinstalled games.

Featuring a USB cable and adaptor, HDMI cable, Quick Shot style joystick, and a quick start guide with authentic 1980s C64 manual design, you’ll notice the full sized device is a convincing reproduction of the breadbin style Commodore 64.

This detail goes down to the keys, which even have the function keys on the right and the CBM ASCII/PETSCI symbols printed on the QWERTY keys.

Three USB ports can be found alongside a soft power switch on the right-hand side, with a USB power port, HDMI port, and fourth USB port on the back. Inside, the device is similar to the C64 Mini, but with added keyboard and expanded USB hub.

Meanwhile, a firmware update is now available for the C64 Mini. Find theC64-1_3_2.bin on the RetroGames website.

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