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Bona Fide Classic Silkworm Gets Arcade Archives Release

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

Arcade classic Silkworm is out on PS4 and Nintendo Switch right now!

Shoot’em up classic Silkworm has finally landed on the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 thanks to the Arcade Archives from Hamster.

The original game with modern enhancements, the Arcade Archives release adds difficulty levels, arcade display settings, and an international high score table.

Released back in 1988, Silkworm has a good reputation, and is a game I particularly enjoyed. Best enjoyed as a two-player experience (player one operates the helicopter; player two drives the armored car), each level has fleets of enemy craft (missiles, helicopters, tanks, etc.) bonus drops and a boss at the end. By today’s standards it is pretty rudimentary; it has been copied many times over the years, but this game is SHMUP Gold.

“SILK WORM” is a shooting game released by TECMO in 1988.
1P operates a helicopter, 2P operates a light armored vehicle, and the stage is cleared by defeating the boss waiting at the end of the stage.
The operating methods are different for 1P and 2P, so use the aircraft that suits you best.

You can grab Silkworm on the Nintendo eShop (£6.29/£7.99) and PlayStation Store (£5.79/$7.99) now. This is definitely one to check out.

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