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Blaze Clarifies Timescale for Stolen Evercade EXP Limited Edition Console Replacements

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Did you order a now-stolen Evercade EXP Limited Edition? When will your device be replaced? Officially, Blaze Entertainment has been sticking to a bvery tight official line over the hold-up that resulted in thousands of Evercade EXP’s being stolen in transit earlier this week.

But what was the chain of events? How does Blaze Entertainment plan to replace devices, and how long is it likely to take?

In a Facebook group (Evercade Fans Hub) post, Blaze spokesperson Ryan replied to the concerns of member David Riley Pustansky, offering “full transparency” regarding events and what happens next.

At the time of the incident we already put an order in for a 2nd wave of units a couple weeks ago as demand recently spiked. The number of units was more than what was stolen. In the morning we found out about the theft and we managed to get all the information on what was stolen. We communicated to the factory to repurpose a portion of those units as replacements for the units that was stolen.

In short, more units were on order. Following the theft, those units were repurposed as black Limited Editions rather than standard white editions EXPs. Production of those units is apparently fully under way. But what about further delays?

We don’t forsee there being any sizable delay as production is already effectively over 2 weeks in play, components are ready and we have already allocated budget to priority air frieght out the units from the factory at an unrecoverable cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

With firm dates set, Ryan reports that once realistic timescales are established, Blaze or Funstock will communicate this to the pre-order buyers.

Do’t forget, this theft only affects Evercade EXP Limited Edition devices intended for the UK, USA, and Rest of the World. Those for the EU (presumably including the Republic of Ireland) are safe.

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