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Back the Protopad, a New C64 Controller Crowdfunder

Last Updated on December 2, 2020

C64 game developer Protovision has announced a crowdfunded controller project, the Protopad.

With multi-button support, zero lag, directional control pad and 8 buttons, the real draw of this device is a jump button. As the website puts it:

Many players today are not used to the C64 way of jumping by pressing up and wish for a button to do just that. Here is the solution: our joypad has a button that does the same as pressing up, so you can use it for any C64 game where you wish you had a button instead of having to steer upwards.

Anyone who has tried to play a C64 game from a distance of years or after switching from a different platform will appreciate the challenge of pushing up to jump.

Obviously for the rest of us that’s no issue. But it’s useful for newcomers, especially younger gamers interested in retro gaming.

With the Protopad controller you can expect:

  • 100% compatible with existing games
  • Directional control pad plus *8* buttons
  • The buttons are pre-defined for standard cases, but can be redefined by each game individually
  • One button that emulates ‘up’ (as default)
  • Fully compatible with games that use the two additional buttons of DB-9/Cheetah Annihilator joysticks (e.g. Double Dragon, Turbo Charge, Paradroid Redux, Robocop 2, Super Mario Bros…)
  • Fast and simple to program, lag-free experience
  • CIA protection: may safely be attached or removed during operation
  • Gold plated contacts (corrosion free)

Also compatible with Atari and Amiga, the Protopad crowdfunder ends on Christmas night. At the time of writing, the project is at €1400 with a basic €5000 target to kick-off production. Beyond this is the promise of stretch projects. They are, (in order):

  • A multi-button support version of Knights of Bytes’ Sam’s Journey at €10000
  • New C64 paddles at €15000
  • A new joystick at €20000

To get involved, head to the crowdfunder page and leave your donation.

(Via Vintage Is The New Old)

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