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Awesome Virtua Fighter Robot Charms Twitter (X)

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Fancy an Akira Yuki Virtua Fighter robot? While not commercially available, the existence of such a device makes you wonder if it ever will be…

You’ve probably seen those robotic Transformers that convert automatically, and perhaps devices liek Robosapien. But while those devices look superb, they’re the tip of the iceberg when it comes to consumer robot toys in Japan.

To demonstrate this point, here’s a look at Akira Yuki, star of the Virtua Fighter games, in robot form.

Created by uploader @automo_emo, the robot is based on the Sega Saturn version of Virtua Fighter. Presumably a 3D printed creation (like its 2016 predecessor), the robot sweeps and moves with style.

While this Virtua Fighter robot is clearly not going to be landing on any shop shelves any time soon, you’ve got to wonder. If not soon, when? The concept is superb, remote mechanisms per Optimus Prime or Robosapien should enable the desired motion. In short, this is a future Christmas sensation waiting to happen.

But not in 2023.

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