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Atic Atac Remake for ZX Spectrum Next Is Worth Checking Out

Last Updated on September 3, 2023

We should probably feature the Spectrum Next more regularly, but while we’re thinking about that, you should check out this remake of the Ultimate Play the Game classic Atic Atac, which has just dropped on for the enhanced edition of the classic 8-bit system·

The original Atic Atac was issued in 1983 with a colourful top-down perspective. As well as being issued on ZX Spectrums (with the 48K expansion) it was also available on BBC Micro.

ZX Spectrum Next 1024K users will need a 60Hz display for optimum playability.

Now that you have been trapped in the evil haunted Castle, your object is to find the hidden Golden Key of A.C.G. and escape via your only exit, the Main Doors.

Features Knight . . . Serf . . . Wizard . . .

Full 8 way movement . . . Working Trapdoors . . . Secret Passages . . .

Frankenstein . . . Mummy . . . Dracula . . . Devil . . .

Witch . . . Monks . . . Ghosts . . . Ghouls . . . Hungry Monsters . . .

Pumpkins . . . Spiders . . . Swag . . . Other Gubbins. 

Control your Warrior by keyboard/cursors, Kempston joystick or gamepad.

The default keys are Q, A, O, P, SPACE, M, ENTER and are fully definable in the game.

Multi-button gamepads use UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, C, START.

This version of Atic Atac features original graphics by John Blythe, music from Matt Simmonds, and A.I. art (!) by Mark Leither. The developer of this freeware fan remake is 9bitcolor.

Although Atic Atac is intended for the upcoming revision of the ZX Spectrum Next, it runs on the 2020 model and can be downloaded free from Itch.io.


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