Atari Buys Its Own Fansite, AtariAge

Atari Buys Its Own Fansite, AtariAge

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

Atari has successfully wrapped up its acquisition deal for AtariAge, a prominent online community dedicated to Atari gaming enthusiasts. This strategic move comes as part of Atari’s ongoing efforts to capitalize on its rich heritage and strengthen its presence in the gaming community.

The acquisition of AtariAge is anticipated to provide Atari with a host of new opportunities. AtariAge boasts a large, active user base, offering a valuable platform for engaging with Atari fans worldwide. By owning AtariAge, Atari can better understand and respond to the desires and expectations of its loyal fanbase.

AtariAge’s dedicated community is renowned for its passionate discussions, sharing of knowledge, and fostering creativity within the Atari gaming sphere. By integrating and collaborating with AtariAge, Atari aims to further nourish this community spirit, paving the way for new collaborations, initiatives, and exciting gaming experiences.

The acquisition will also enable Atari to leverage AtariAge’s vast archives of information and resources, housing an extensive collection of games, software, documentation, and forums. Atari can harness these invaluable assets to enhance its future projects, ensure preservation, and explore innovative ways to revisit its classic game catalog, breathing new life into beloved titles.

This acquisition serves as an important step towards rejuvenating the Atari brand and reestablishing its position as a leading player in the gaming industry.

But, will fans be happy? And could Nintendo learn a thing or two from Atari?


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