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Atari Announce THREE New Console Collaborations with MyArcade

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Atari and MyArcade have started the year off with a bang announcing three consoles in the works. We can’t offer much more than speculation at this point, but this is the pinned tweet on the MyArcade Twitter page, complete with images of all three consoles.

The mini arcade cabinet is the Atari Micro Player. Atari has confirmed the unit has 100 games on it, but without knowing exactly how big the Micro Player is, it’s hard to say how long you’ll want to play on it. Still, at the very least, it’ll make for a great collectible piece.

The Pocket Player looks awesome, but we can’t tell much from the picture. How many games does it have? How good is the build quality? How big is it? I can’t wait for answers to these questions! I’m a real sucker for handhelds, and devices like the Evercade EXP have shown there’s clearly a market for them in the retro space.

Finally, we have the Gamestation, which is a home console of some sort. Once again, we can’t glean much from the picture. It could be like one of the ‘mini’ consoles or something else entirely. The Gamestation looks incredibly slick, and I’m curious to see what it brings to the table.

There’s no word on pricing, availability, or pre-orders, but either way, I’m excited to learn more!

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