Arcade Shoot Em Up Book Project Live On Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign is live for a physical book covering arcade shoot-em-ups. Coin-Op: The Arcade Guide – Shoot’ Em Up Collection Volume 1 covers 66 games across 136 pages and is planned to be the first of 4 books in the series.

The Kickstarter page is full of images from the book, and what’s on display looks absolutely stunning. Plenty of well-known classics like Asteroids and Space Invaders are covered. Many less-known titles also get their time in the spotlight; even Cave’s infamous Bullet-Hell shooter, Dodonpachi, gets a mention.

You can check the entire list of games on the Kickstarter Page, along with the various pledge tiers. Creator Darren Doyle is no stranger to projects like this and already has a couple of successful Kickstarter Campaigns under his belt, including Atari: A Visual History

At the time of writing, the Campaign has raised £6,755 of its £12,329 goal with 18 days to go. Typically, Kickstarter Campaigns gain most of their funding within the opening and closing stages of their funding window. If this Campaign is successful, there are already plans for Volume 2, which will cover classic beat’ em ups.

We’ve recently covered a few promising Kickstarter projects, including GameBook: The Unofficial DMG Comp, which smashed its funding goal within 7 hours!

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