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Arcade Faithful Robocop Amiga Remake In Development?

Last Updated on May 18, 2021

The first Robocop movie was released in 1987, back when the Amiga was the prime 16-bit home computer and gaming system. One year later, the game machine based on the movie hit arcades, with home computer conversions close behind.

Key among these were the Atari ST and Amiga versions. To save time and money, Ocean Software produced an Atari ST version and then ported it to the Amiga. Unsurprisingly, fans of the Amiga were not happy (and a few of them hold a grudge to this day…).

User “seko” on the English Amiga Board has built a demo that shows an arcade-quality Robocop game running on the Amiga 500.

Graphics are Arcade robocop game . Checked on amiga 500 512 kb +slow ram 512 kb. Nice , graphic. Game engine , like seem to Kungfu master game .

Of course, what you can see above, seko’s version, is basically a proof of concept. Much more work is required to make Robocop for the Amiga closer to the arcade original.

To contrast, here’s a look at the 1989 Amiga game:

And here’s the source Atari ST version:

Almost identical! Finally, the game they were all based on:

Clearly the original 1988 games are all based on the hugely successful coin-op arcade machine. Similarly, both the Amiga and Atari versions miss something. The Amiga in particular is capable of arcade-level graphics, so fingers crossed that seko’s version can wipe the memory of the Atari port from Amiga fans memories.


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