Arcade Archives 7th anniversary

Arcade Archives world record and new releases update

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

Great news for fans of HAMSTER’s Arcade Archives: the collection has added almost weekly releases to its library over the past 7 years, and has now been certified by Guinness World Records!

Celebrating the Arcade Archives collection’s 7th birthday at the weekend (March 3rd), a tweet from Hamster confirmed that 403 titles have been issued since the first release back in 2017. Of those (thanks to lockdown), 366 have been released on consecutive weeks.

Here’s the tweet.

Here’s the English translation of that tweet:

Arcade Archives on Nintendo Switch celebrates its 7th anniversary today, March 3rd. 403 titles were released in 7 years. The weekly release, which has been certified by Guinness World Records, continues for 366 consecutive weeks. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Congratulations to the Arcade Archives team.

What is the Arcade Archives?

As you may know, Arcade Archives releases attempt to deliver an authentic gaming experience while adding modern quality of life features. So, you can specify arcade display options, while adjusting difficulty and attempting to beat global scores.

With that fantastic landmark in mind, here are the latest Arcade Archives releases.

War of Aero

This tactical shooter from Allumer hit arcades in 1992/3. A vertical scroller, it has single and simultaneous two player modes. The fighter can carry pods on the side that can shoot, and the two player mode crafts can be merged to create a powerful attack.


First released way back in 1981, Jungler is a Konami game with a striking resemblance to two popular Atari titles of the time. In Jungler, the aim is to shoot the snake-like enemy wandering around a maze. This is done either by shooting the body segments one-by-one, or by shooting the head. Meanwhile, you can enhance your own body length by collecting strawberries.

Master of Weapon

A 1989 vertical shooter from Taito, Master of Weapon pits you against mutant monsters and robotic weapons in a desperate bid to save a nuclear-ravaged worls from an insane supercomputer.

Ah, the 80s.

Super Contra

Finally, there is Super Contra from Konami, released back in 1987/8. Like many Arcade Archives titles, this has already been re-released for modern consoles; it appeared on the Contra Anniversary Collection in 2019, one of our top retro games collections on the Nintendo Switch.

Bill and Lance are back, and so are the aliens, attacking on the ground and in the air. This is the first sequel to Contra, and features upgradeable weapons.

All of these titles are available to buy and download on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 now. Learn more from the appropriate e-store, or visit the Arcade Archives on Hamster’s website.

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