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Arcade Archives Mighty Guy Blasts Onto Switch and PS4!

Last Updated on January 8, 2024

Get ready to unleash your inner superhero! The classic 1986 action game, Mighty Guy, is making a triumphant return on January 4th, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as part of the acclaimed Arcade Archives series by HAMSTER.

A superhuman showdown awaits

In Mighty Guy, you take on the role of a powerful cyborg tasked with stopping the nefarious supercomputer ZELDA from its twisted plan to genetically engineer humanity. Armed with your trusty Psycho Gun and an arsenal of superhuman abilities like punches, kicks, and energy beams, you’ll blast your way through hordes of robotic enemies and towering bosses across vibrant, neon-lit stages.

Key features:

  • Classic Arcade Action: Experience the electrifying thrill of 1980s arcade gaming with faithfully recreated visuals and gameplay.
  • Superhuman Arsenal: Unleash your inner hero with a variety of powerful attacks and abilities.
  • Challenge Accepted: Test your skills against waves of enemies and devious bosses in an intense campaign.
  • Arcade Perfect: Enjoy the game in its original arcade form, complete with scanlines and cabinet artwork.
  • Modern Enhancements: Take advantage of rewind and save state features to perfect your run and climb the leaderboards.

Ready to suit up as Mighty Guy?

Arcade Archives Mighty Guy is available digitally for £7.99/$7.99 on both platforms. So, grab your joystick, fire up your console, and prepare for an unforgettable retro adventure!

Lean more on the Arcade Archives Official Website.

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