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Another World & More Amiga Games Coming to Evercade!

Last Updated on June 2, 2023

Classic side-scrolling adventure Another World leads list of games from Delphine Software in the next bunch of Amiga titles coming to Evercade later this year.

It’s one of several collections announced at the Evercade Showcase Vol.1 this week.

Delphine Software Collection 1 will feature the following four titles:

  • Another World: In Another World, one of Delphine Software’s most beloved Amiga classics, scientist Lester Chaykin is having a very bad day at work. Can you help him out of his otherworldly predicament on Evercade?
  • Flashback: The console version of Delphine Software’s stunning rotoscoped cinematic platformer comes to Evercade. Guide the amnesiac hero Conrad Hart in his quest to recover his identity… and uncover a deadly conspiracy along the way.
  • Future Wars: Even a humble window cleaner can save the universe in Future Wars! Enjoy this classic Amiga point-and-click adventure on the go for the first time with Evercade handhelds, or play it on the big screen with Evercade VS for a truly cinematic experience.
  • Operation Stealth: In Operation Stealth, someone has stolen a top-secret stealth aircraft — and it’s up to you to get it back. The second of Delphine Software’s “Cinematique” point-and-click Amiga adventures comes to Evercade!

Note that not all four games are the Amiga versions; Flashback is listed as “console.”

Another World remembered…?

Despite being a hardcore Amiga user since 1991, I’ve never played any of these games.

Another World was once demonstrated to me by a friend on an Amiga 500, around 1995. There were probably cans of lager involved, and smoking, and it’s all a bit hazy as a result.

Suffice to say, while the game came as a surprise to me (how had I never heard of it before?!) My first experience of it was a disaster. I’ve barely attempted it since, but the upcoming Delphine Software Collection looks like a great opportunity to get to grips with Another World.

Head to the Evercade website to learn more about the Delphine Software Collection, available to preorder on July 21st, 2023, ahead of its September release.

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