Another World, C64 remake

16-Bit Classic Another World Teleports to the C64!

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

One of the most astounding adventure games from the 16-bit era is being reworked for the 8-bit Commodore 64.

Another World (known as Out of This World in North America) is notable for impressive cutscenes, an evocative premise, and atmospheric graphics. Homebrew developer Eric Majikeyric has shared some videos of the progress on the C64 version so far, and it really looks superb (although it remains to be seen whether it will fit on a cassette…).

Techniques such as rotoscoping, vector graphics, the game puts you in the role of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young scientist whose experiments during a thunderstorm result in him being teleported through space to a new world which he must escape.

Originally developed by Eric Chahi, the developer has voiced his pleasure at the progress Eric Majikeyric has made.

Right now there is no indication as to when Lester’s adventures will continue in 8-bit form, but we’re really excited to see Another World arrive on the C64.

(Via IndieRetroNews)

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