Amiga Addict 26

Aminet Explained in Amiga Addict 26

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

The latest issue of Amiga Addict is released in the New Year, and its main feature is a look at Aminet.

Aminet is the world’s largest archive of Amiga-related software and files, which started out hosted on university FTP sites. Also available on CD-ROM and on the web, as of September 3, 2022, it had 83,930 packages online.

Amiga Addict 26’s cover story examines the history and evolution of Aminet, and speaks to its founding members.

Amiga Addict 26

Also in Amiga Addict 26:

  • Hot new games reviews, including Reshoot Proxima 3 and Ooze: The Escape.
  • Richard Löwenstein (author of the Reshoot Proxima series) picks his six favourite Amiga games.
  • Find out about the Amiga’s unique video history with the creators of
  • Discover more about portable Amiga computers, including ongoing and legacy laptop projects.
  • The second part of the animation in Imagine tutorial series.
  • Classic Amiga game coverage, featuring Bob’s Bad Day, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, Defender Of The Crown II and the 1989 arcade port of Dragon’s Lair!
  • A full breakdown of the 2023 Amiga Addict Readers Survey results!
  • More AMOS Professional coding lessons.
  • Regulars including former-Sensible Software’s Stoo Cambridge, Demoscene with h0ffman, Amiga news, User Groups, Classic Coverdisk Of The Month and readers letters.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

You can order issue 26 of Amiga Addict from the Addict Media online store, with shipping commencing from January 1st. Subscribers will get a digital download version as well as the print edition. Online rumours suggest the you should be able to find Amiga Addict in most branches of WHSmith already!

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