Amiga Addict Magazine #15 Out This Week!

Last Updated on September 17, 2022

As an old school gamer, I have fond memories of buying at least one Amiga magazine every month. Since the launch of Amiga Addict magazine, those memories have been brought bang up to date.

With relatable contributors, memorable covers, and even the odd free disk (downloadable, of course!) Amiga Addict fills a hole I didn’t even know was there.

The latest edition is issue #15, in which the founding members of productivity software studios Digita International are interviewed. Among their products was the Wordworth word processor, software that I was using almost 30 years ago to present college assignments!

Also in Amiga Addict issue #15:

  • Latest game releases and previews including CyberPunks 2, Scourge Of The Underkind, Guardian – The Legend of Flaming Sword and Blackdawn Technomage.
  • Classic Amiga game titles such as The Secret Of Monkey Island, Darkmere: The Nightmare’s Begun and Lionheart.
  • A look at the work of a true artistic visionary, Rolf Mohr.
  • Become an Amiga animator using our Vista Pro animation tutorial.
  • Neil Thomas of RMC picks his favourite Amiga games of all time in Six Of The Best.
  • Ever wanted to bang that metal? Find out how to learn assembly language.
  • To Be This Good Takes… Amiga! We checkout Sega’s iconic arcade games and how their Amiga ports fared.
  • The second part in Adam Laidlaw’s A500++ Purple Storm build.
  • h0ffman’s highlights from the demoscene.
  • Stoo Cambridge of Sensible Software.
  • The usual Amiga news, Back In The Day and readers letters.

Amiga Addict #15 is available to pre-order online now and will be in stock from September 22nd if you prefer to buy from WHSmith.

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