Amiga Addict #11 Features A500 Mini Review, Heads to Newsagents

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Amiga Addict issue 11 is out soon, once again bursting at the seams with Amiga based goodness. This issue takes a final review of THEA500 Mini, and finds out if the little Amiga replica lives up to the hype.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Amiga Addict team also shares its top 100 Amiga games ever!

In Amiga Addict issue 11 you can also expect to find:

  • New Amiga version of Knightmare game reviewed.
  • Gold Standard: Apidya.
  • Cinemaware (Part II).
  • King’s Valley, Wrong Way Driver, Deluxe Pac-Man and Mean Arenas reviews.
  • Scorched Tanks review featuring an interview with this classic PD game’s author Michael P. Welch.
  • More classic Amiga magazine coverage featuring Amiga Power and Amiga Format (with ex-editors Nick Veitch and Cam Winstanley both in this issue!).
  • Interview with the developer behind the Buffee hardware accelerator, Renee Cousins.
  • The Creative Revolution: Changing Faces, an in-depth look at Amiga fonts.
  • Demoscene book review.
  • Amiga CompactFlash backup guide.
  • Audio Oddities: Amiga Art Contest 2021.
  • Stoo Cambridge of Sensible Software.

As ever, the magazine will feature lots more besides!

Amiga Addict at WHSmith!

Sick of waiting for the postman? While subscribing to a magazine is a great way to get it ready, Amiga Addict has some big news.

From April 7th, the Amiga magazine will be available in 300 newsagents around the UK, including WHSmith.

It’s just like the old days, isn’t it?!

So, rather than buy online and pay for postage, you’ll be able to simply pop into your local WHSmith, be it high street or train station, and grab your copy to read over lunch, on the train to work, whatever.

Check out The Retro Hour #316 to learn more about Amiga Addict appearing in newsagents.

Of course, you can still order Amiga Addict #11 online. The digital edition is available already, with the print version despatching in April 1st – in advance of the magazine’s newsagent retail launch!

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