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Amazing Portable Commodore 64 Developed – a C64 Laptop!

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

You may have heard of the original portable Commodore 64, the SX64. Not quite a laptop, it was more akin to a particularly bulky oscilloscope, with disk drive and a small display.

Not quite a C64 laptop!

Forty years later, however, someone has finally found a way to build a portable Commodore 64 with a decent sized display and longer battery life. John Papas in the Facebook group Commodore & Amiga Group UK (approval required) has shared video of two running portable C64s (sitting on what appears to be a park bench).

Now, this isn’t a new concept. Beyond the obvious technical limitations of the SX-64, dozens of enthusiasts and engineers over the years have given it a go. The idea of a portable C64 with display, battery, and software loaded without a 1541 or Datasette is the logical approach.

Close inspection of these systems indicates original or authentically-designed keyboards, LCD displays, and a flat, laptop-like surface for the main body, which appears to be fabricated with a reflective beige plastic. The brief look at the lid reveals not just a catch, but also the suggestion of a breadbin-like closed appearance.

Describing them in the video, John Papas observes “both systems have come up really nice.” They certainly look the part! In the post comments, Papas also reveals that pricing is being worked out, so it could soon be possible to own your own portable Commodore 64


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