Amazing! Monty on the Run loaded onto C64 from a vinyl record

Last Updated on April 27, 2024

Okay, this might be a few years old, but I just had to share it as I found it totally amazing. A C64 is receiving data not from a floppy disk or cassette, or even a cartridge, but from a vinyl record. In fact, the record has been custom made specifically for this purpose.

While computer games being distributed on vinyl isn’t new, it has an interesting history. Various pieces of software and even “videos” to accompany tracks were released in the 1980s, usually on flexidiscs. This Guardian article highlights some of the more well-known examples, which includes some examples from Chris Sievey, better known as Frank Sidebottom.

Back to Monty on the Run, though. The video above (by Plastidisc Lathe Cut Records) details the process of cutting a fast load copy of the game (due to the time limits of a 7-inch disc) to vinyl, then playing the creation through a Commodore datasette, bypassing the cassette.

Here’s a description, in Plastidisc Lathe Cut Records’ own words:

Creating a lathe cut vinyl record of the game Monty On The Run, then loading it in directly to a real Commodore 64 directly from the record player. The audio (which lasts 6′ 29″) was made from a .TAP file, and then cut to a 7″ disc at 45 rpm.

I apologise in advance for my boring voice. 8-bit data on vinyl is nothing new, going back to the early 1980s, and indeed one of my own 7″ releases from 2018 has ‘hidden’ BBC Micro data on it. However, I wanted to see if my own record cutting setup could achieve the task.

To load the cut record back in, a simple lead was soldered to the datasette circuit board, and then connected to the amplifier. Details are available online for this. I could have used a cheap car cassette adapter, perhaps, but I didn’t want to hack a hole in the datasette lid for the adapter lead to exit through.

Also, I could have recorded the record onto a cassette, and loaded that in through the datasette, but I hoped to prove there was no cheating going on by doing it this way. If you want me to cut a C64 (or any similar microcomputer) program to a vinyl record, or indeed any other audio, please get in touch.


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