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Amazing Environmental Discs of Tron Roadside Find

Last Updated on July 28, 2023

Retro fan finds Discs of Tron arcade machine on the side of a road and rescues it.

Tony Temple of The Arcade Blogger has reported that his friend, Tim Lapetino, hit retro gold recently. This was all thanks to the keen eyes of his young niece, who spied an abandoned classic arcade cabinet.

After spotting the machine on the curbside in her neighourhood, her casual mention prompted a sudden dash to find it.

He was stunned at his luck and roped in his brother to help wheel it home on dollies. It was in the owner’s way, having sat in her garage for many years, and then being refused by the refuse men due to it being too large.

Thus rescued from a potential malleting, the EDOT was given a thorough check-over and found to be in great condition. It has nearly every original part, with under 2000 plays and all the lights and monitor functioning.

What is Discs of Tron?

Released in 1983, Discs of Tron was a spin-off game from the regular Tron game with four stages. Both were based on Tron the Disney film about a person sucked into a video game filled with sentient AI and cool motorcycles with light trails.

The special “environmental” cabinet that it was produced in was designed to immerse the player inside the action. This however made it large, heavy, complex and therefore rare.

It isn’t common to find these machines nowadays in good, working condition. And if you do, they can command price tags as hefty as the game.

“This is absolutely my holy grail game,” explained an excited Lapetino. “I don’t own any other arcade machines, but being a huge Tron fan and a lover of this game, this would have been my ideal game to (someday) own. And here it was just sitting blocks away from where my relatives live! I don’t really believe in coincidences, and this is an absolutely nuts story.”


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